EZ Pot Portable Commode

The EZ Pot is beneficial for Care Providers and Patients because it reduces injuries, patient's falls, pressure ulcers, infections, bedside commodes height concerns and makes the experience more comfortable. The EZ Pot can also be used by patients struggling with joint pains, illness, balance problems and surgeries.

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EZ Guide X-ray Holders

Hospitals also spend millions of dollars each year replacing their X-ray Cassettes, CR Plates and DR Wireless Detectors. This is mainly due to obese patients and Radiology Technologists dropping them. Our products are the first of their kind in the field of Radiology. These X-ray holders are more efficient and effective than any other X-ray holders because of their multi-purpose functionality. These sturdy X-ray holders offer protection for your Radiology Investments, reduces injury and dose while increasing image quality. Our products can be used in surgery, at the bedside and in the exam room.

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EZ Guide Weight Bearing Holders

The EZ Guide Weight Bearing Holder is the most solidly constructed and cost effective image protector on the market.  The EZ Guide Weight Bearing Holder allows X-ray exams to be performed in Podiatry and on small and large animals. The EZ Guide Weight Bearing Holder weight capacity is 1200 lbs. The EZ Guide Weight Bearing Holder offers protection for your Radiology Investments and reduces possible injury to the caretaker.

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